Loving wife, mother, sister, and friend. I give God all the glory and praise
for everything that I have accomplished. I grew up in the
Hightower/Adamsville area of Atlanta, Georgia. I love the city and the
people in the city. I am the baby of 4 siblings and I have always had big
dreams! Growing up, I always thought I wanted to be a teacher. I have
always enjoyed learning. I also remember looking at teachers like they
were superheroes because they always were held in high regard in my
community. After graduation from Frederick Douglas High School, I went
on to Paine College to pursue my education degree.

Unfortunately it didn’t take me long to realize that education was not my
true passion. I worked in the field but always wanted more. It was also so
hard having a large family and only getting paid once per month. I
remember praying nightly for God to show me how to make an extra
income and he did! Literally, one night in my sleep I had a dream about
cupcakes. I woke up the next day and said, “This is it!” I began going to
classes to refine my skills and learn new ones. I watched videos, and
committed myself to making cupcakes that were beautiful but also
delicious. I had always been a baker and now I was taking my gifts to a
whole new level. This was the beginning of Jewel’s Treats and More and I
have never looked back.

Jewel is my baby girl and she was always in the kitchen with me. She
started as my helper at age 8 just measuring and mixing. Now, at age 16
she is a wonderful baker. It was only fitting to name the business after her.
She has put in the sweat equity to help us get to where we are today.
What started as just a way for me to make ends meet has blossomed over
the last 8 years into a booming e commerce business. I have truly been
amazed at the growth of my business which has largely been referral
based. I have since expanded my product offerings adding cakes,
cupcakes, chocolate covered Oreos, strawberries, shooters, and my oh so
famous candy apples. We have become a household name for
individuals, families, businesses, and even celebrities looking to satisfy their
sweet tooth for their special day or event.